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As you would guess, this land locked state is not known for our sushi. However, for what its worth there are still some good options to get your sushi fix.


Beautiful interior decorations (peep the chandelier) with some classic sushi and small plates. If you don't know what to get you can always trust the Omakase. 

Sushi Den/Izakaya Den

These 2 are a Denver go-to for award winning sushi. The line does start forming before 5 so be prepared to wait but they do reserve most tables for walk ins!

Blue Sushi

Have all the basic rolls but some new and fun twists as well. Also, surprisingly one of the best espresso martini in Denver.


Although pricey it is a full experience and the fish is fresh and delightful. Perfect for fancy anniversary dinners or special occasions. If you aren't looking to spend a fortune go during happy hour 4-6 everyday.

Sushi Hai

The basement dining has great ambiance and sushi rooms you can reserve for a traditional Japanese dining experience.

Sushi Ronin

Enjoy the indoor/outdoor space in the summer when they open the floor to ceiling windows.

Sushi Rama

A fun concept with sushi on a conveyer belt where the color of the plate you pick up represents the price. 

Temaki Den

The source hotels sushi spot owned by the same chef of Sushi Den and Izakaya Den so you know its quality.

Mizu Izakaya

Modern more upscale sushi spot in the highlands with a wonderful patio and small shareable plates.

Wellness Sushi

A vegan sushi concept voted as one of the best eats in the U.S. Although it is strange to think of sushi without fish but they have been able to still create great flavors.

Bamboo Sushi

This restaurant is focused on lowering its environmental impact while still serving some of the best fish in town.

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