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Pass the hummus. Mediterranean food as to be one of the most underrated types of food... but its my favorite. I want all the dips and all the pita. 


Get the mushrooms and hummus and mix them together! This modern middle eastern cuisine has contemporary vibes but still true to its roots.


Definitely top 3 restaurants in my books. You can watch them stick the pita in the brick oven as your mouth waters. Not a bad thing on the menu.

Somebody People

Veggie forward dining for all the non meat eaters. Do the chef choice for the table to try all of their house classsics.


New upscale hot spot in Cherry Creek with super chic interior designs and plating for when your feeling a little fancy.

Vesper Lounge

Great place to grab drinks and dips to share.


Modern greek food with fun atmosphere and sister restaurant to its neighbor Cretans.

Sonny's Mediterranean

Fast casual but that doesn't mean it lacks quality.

Three Saints Revival

Cutest atmosphere in here with all bring colors and some amazing tapas.

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