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Although I am a bit of a health nut, it is important to have balance and I love to have a sweet treat every now and again. Check out these options and if you're like me (Dairy free) don't worry I got you.

Little Man Ice Cream (multiple locations)

It wouldn't be a Denver food guide without it... my favorite is the Salted Carmel Peanut Butter Cup. They rotate their flavors and always have vegan options!

Botanical Bakery

Located in Birdsall Plant Shop, now serving coffee and beautiful pastries. Not the best to do work at but you can buy plants!

Van Leeuwen Creamery

The best vegan ice cream on the block. 

DANG soft serve

Little Man opened this place for all the Vegan soft serve options. Pro Tip: get a side of fries and dip them in.

Hungry Tree Hugger

My absolute favorite business that makes the most amazing gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free treats. You can find her at the farmers market in the summer or at the Assembly student building on Saturdays.

Parlor Donuts

THESE ARE THE DONUTS. They are more of a croissant donut but the flavors are to die for.


In the Denver Central Market where they have some amazing pastries and bread.

Bakery Four

Supposedly the best bakery in town.

Black Box Bakery

They serve up some amazing pastries and now have their own location at Edgewater Public market. They can also be found at many coffee shops such as Lekker, the Wild, and more.

Devils Food Bakery

Homemade sweets from cakes to muffins.

River and Roads

They have all the gluten free desserts and pastries you could ever want.

Gelato Boy

I promise you it is worth coming to 16th street for.

LoDough Bakery

Bakery located in the milk market with all baked goods from breads to poptarts.

D Bar

A restaurant dedicated just to desserts.


uthenic french food and wine with bakery only open wed-sun.

The Cake Bar

One of Denver's plant based bakeries that makes custom cakes or can pick out things from the case

Sadboy Creamery

Gelato, custard, and ice cream-making techniques for the best flavor and creamiest texture. Above city of city. Can do pick up or buy a pint


Daily made desserts and coffee

Petunia Bakeshop

Open Thurs-Sun with all kinds of pasteries from sweet to savory.

Rebel Bread

Counter open on Thur-Sat 8-12 or at south peral farmers market on sundays.

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